Funny thoughts

When you just need someone to talk to.

Do you guys ever have that person you wish you could talk to or FaceTime with? I mean with all of us being quarantined in our homes, just the opportunity to hear a friendly voice.

I sometimes think that it only happens in movies. You know having that one person in your life who will laugh at you and with you, but will also make your day a little better.

It’s that little bit of peace that comes over you when you talk to your person. The funny thing is I call my mom, but I sometimes Snapchat with friends, but it isn’t the same believe me. I guess being in quarantine I’ve become a little sentimental about talking to other people who aren’t my over-weight cat and uncle.

Kind of funny isn’t it. We get told to stay home, and now all I want is to talk to someone special. To have a person who will listen. Just be there. How about you guys? Do you have someone?