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Isolation vs Non-Isolation

These are strange times we are currently dealing with. If you are anywhere in the world and you are reading this please make sure you and your family are staying safe. Stay home! Do not get out unless you need to.

However this new type of “Staying Home” living isn’t going to work with a lot of us. I don’t mind if every now and then, but I know I need to get outside To breathe some fresh air, plus I’m waiting for it to get a little warmers.

I know I can speak with certain people, but to be honest it would be nice to speak to someone important, just for a moment would make me so happy. I also just know that when you are away from the outside world, and they are away from you as well you get to see the truth of who the people are, what they are made of. I mean secrets come out that one has been hiding with no thought of what happens to another.

Since this whole Covid-19 virus hit in my home I’ve been without a job (again), it seems to be a pattern for me. I’m hoping things can get figured out soon because I’m struggling just like everyone else is. However, I feel as if just because I’m without the one thing that made me, me, I am now irrelevant so someone else. I mean it’s how someone can make you feel so isolated.

I sometimes wonder if anyone has that kind of understanding, you know? I mean isolation from the world, and people are one thing, but isolation from someone is a whole different world. Having no job, and no way to afford bills looming over my head is definitely on my mind. I’m just hoping and praying to get back on my feet again when all of this is over with. Maybe then I’ll have something worth wild again in my life.

How is everyone else holding up? Let me know I’d love to hear how you are all holding up with being quarantined. Be safe, stay safe, and get to know yourself again because it is just as important as being healthy.

3 thoughts on “Isolation vs Non-Isolation

  1. It’s kind of like a life vacation… Except I’m a nurse… And it’s getting much worse at work every day. I feel for those who can’t work right now. I don’t know what I’d do without needing to be somewhere.


    1. You guys are the hardest working people out there and honestly deserve so much appreciation and more. I’m just dealing with not having a job or money coming in. I’m hoping to find a job or wait for my unemployment to be approved.

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