Funny thoughts

Finding what works

So I’m starting to realize I dislike people who point out every single thing that is wrong that I do. I mean down the the tiniest little detail. It doesn’t matter what it is or why I have put something where it is for a reason, but it gets put in front of me. Why do people do that? Doesn’t that just piss you off?

I’m trying to be cool and just take all forms of my bosses criticism without having attitude or issues. I mean if you can’t take criticism than you are not mature, but when it something every single day it starts to make me feel like I’m an idiot who has no idea what I am doing. I’m just taking it and I keep moving.

Anyway I kept my app on my phone so I can look for Marketing jobs that I want to show my Advisor at KU so I know I’m picking the right classes for my degree. The sad part as I review these jobs is that I know I can do them. I know I’m totally qualified for them, but I am missing that piece of paper saying, “Bachelor’s Degree” Why is that? Why do companies do that?

Oh well I’ve got three weeks before I can get my classes scheduled, and a few weeks before I get my books, and a full year and half a semester before I am done. This is definitely a form of patience for me personally and professionally.

I’m just breathing daily and moving forward. What about you guys? How do you handle it?