Funny thoughts

Less Than…

Have you ever made anyone feel as though they are less than some type in your life? I mean it doesn’t matter who they are to you personally, but how do you manage when you know you have zero value to someone.

What is the next step? Where do you go from there? You have your life obviously, but what was it or is it about you that makes someone treat you or even disrespect you in that way?

I honestly should be used to be made to feel as if I am less than by so many people. Yet as I get older I often wonder why people still think it is okay to treat others that way. I don’t like the idea of making someone feel as if they aren’t important to some part of my life.

When you make someone feel so alone, less than, nonexistent in your eyes, you make that person get the sense that they are of a temporary use, that you see them, but as a source of irrelevance. I mean it causes so much heartache, and pain to the person it is happening to.

I hope everyone will try to not make someone they are supposed to love, admire, or care for feel as if they are just a bug to step on or over. Make sure to always be kind to someone you are with, or just friends with. Try to put yourself in that persons shoes if you could. Imagine feeling great about yourself one minute and ignored the next no matter what.

Be sure to always be kind no matter what. Think about that. I know I am focused on my life and making it worth something for me. Yet at the same time I keep hope for things to happen and change. Not holding onto the past, but holding onto the hope that one day I will become relevant to someone, to be seen, to be made as if I am loved.

One day my life will make sense to me….Have you thought about yourself in that way?