Funny thoughts

Aging Differences

As we get older we all learn different lessons about life. Be it personal, relationships, professional, and just overall life itself. We all know when we are children we tell ourselves, “I can’t wait to grow up.” I remember everyone telling me, “You’re gonna hate it, so stay a kid for as long as you can.” Well little did I know, and I’m sure all of us can agree, boy I should have just shut my mouth after a while.

I’m looking at the next phase of my life. Yes I know I’m going to be 39 on Monday, but I am also looking at my 40’s. They say for a woman your 40’s are the best years of your life. I mean your 20’s is to act a fool in so many ways. Your 30’s is to learn from those lessons and grow. Now I’m looking into this next level of my life and I’m actually hopeful of so much.

My goals consist of not only keeping my job, but also finishing school. Getting my degree has been a huge step for me and my life. Plus I want to prove to myself that I can do it, along with proving my family wrong, but really it’s for me. I hope to have my own place as well. I think I will keep my circle of people in my life smaller than I ever have before. I mean it was all family growing up, but now I’m starting to understand why white people don’t have large families, or traditions (no offense) being Hispanic large family and traditions are the backbone of who we are.

I think I am wanting a quiet life in my next phase. A life where I come home from work, cook my dinner, and eat my meal in silence in front of the TV, going out every now and then, but really just being home and living my life.

Now, here comes the kicker to all of that. Do I want to involve someone into that space? Do I want someone there all the time or just occasionally?

What would you guys do? Let me know. I’m always back and forth with that. I guess I am just wanting to simplify my life as I get older. I’ve had enough crazy to last an either life time….literally!