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Differences…….as we get older

Have you ever taken a step back and looked how young people in relationships and life act versus those who have several years and life miles under their belts act? Do you even pay attention?

I ask this question because I love listening to talk radio, yes a sign of getting “older”. I’m totally okay with it because this topic of how married couples vs new relationships, and also divorced people communicate based on age and life experiences gave me a little bit of revelations in relationships, plus life.

I’ll be 39 in a few days, and honestly I am looking forward to turning 40, I am not as scare of it as all women are. I guess because my life is totally different than theirs. Again life lessons. Well the topic that was being discussed was how we communicate as we get older, and also the differences between the sexes.

If you haven’t figured out that men and women communicate differently, well you need help and a ton more friends. When women speak we (some) try to assume that the person doesn’t know or understand anything of what we are saying, plus not to mention we think we know everything because hey we go through a lot just being a woman…I’m totally right about the last part. As for men, well you guys have your own freaking language, it seems that only you and your buddies are allowed to understand, but never ask questions about it, or allow emotions to get involved….maybe it’s just some men…nah it’s all men.

Well as we all get older the ideas of learning how to communicate with a significant other ends up being a delicate dance full of heat, passion, your own ideas, and your own life. What I mean by this, is your relationship is a dance. The two of you created it, but as life happens things start to come in between the two of you and your dance. Work, Finances, Living Situation, Marriage (maybe No Marriage, just a commitment), Kids (No Kids), Pets (Cat/Dog…whatever). I mean the list goes on and on. At some point the passion and heat of that sexy “tango” dies out and the communication, hell even the sex dies out completely, to the point where you’re just aware of their existence.

As we age we start to realize we are this type of person, or that type of person. Like I’m so glad I got all my drunk, party, and so on days behind me. I mean wow, no phones and pictures back then kind of thankful. Now I don’t even think so. I mean I’m careful NOW to not say anything about any “relationship” on my personal facebook account because honestly it’s no one’s business. I don’t like putting things out there unless its some funny meme or video, or something important to me. We all do our own “dances” of growing up when you have the ability to do so Single, but when in a relationship/Married, you have to be able to manage that “dance” with a partner for life.

Have you personally taken inventory of who you are before a relationship, starting out, during, see the cracks/breakdowns, and find your faults, and then the after effects of what and where things went wrong? That to me is all about life’s evolutions to being a better person to yourself, and also to the next person you will want to be in a relationship with. Because at some point in your life, you’re gonna want someone to have that sexy tango with anywhere in your house!

The idea of all of this is to look at how you speak to people, how you treat them, and how you treat yourself. In order for something to work you have to put the effort in, but You also have to be YOU and PRESENT. Think about that my friends.