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Relationship and Life re-evaluations

How often do you re-evaluate your life? Do you sit back and truly take stock of everything and everyone in it? Are you selective about who or what you let in? How do you know when you’ve done it?

I ask myself these questions because I sometimes feel like when I think I understand someone or something, I am quickly reminded that I don’t know crap! I mean I will totally admit it with no fault or blame. I’ve been working through this book, and honestly my therapist put my list back into my face. She said, “You may feel like this now, but who’s to say this will be your in two years, maybe five years from now. You grow and learn different things about ourselves daily.” If you do not have a therapist, please get one, they are super helpful.

I tell myself that I’m not looking for anyone in my life, and right now it is beyond complicated (as always) but it has its moments of happiness too. I often wonder will I ever get there, being fully happy that is. I think I might at times, and at other times I seriously doubt myself so much that it’s so freaking annoying. I need to learn how to get better with not doing that.

So on top of this blog, my writing, I’ve been keeping an actual journal. It has been helping me write out things from the day. No, it’s not as interesting as “Bridget Jones’ Diary” I mean I don’t have a “Daniel Cleaver” or a “Mark Darcy” to make my life interesting, but maybe when I have moved forward with my life the way I am hopeful for, then I never know. The best part about those guys is they are British!! I have a strange deep love for British men (Colin Firth).

I think time will tell what life has in store for me when it comes to men. As for just working to finish getting out of debt, I am so close, so unbelievably close. Plus managing to put furniture on layaway soon so when I do find my own place I will be ready. I have my full on shopping list on my Amazon and Walmart account.

Take a moment to re-evaluate your life, take stock of it and go get what your missing or needing.