Funny thoughts

Relationship, Life Reflections

I’m sitting here at a friends house, currently house sitting because they are out of town. Their dog Cherry is the sweetest dog I’ve known, but super needy. It’s okay. Plus it helps that it is totally snowing at the moment and I do not want to get out. Even though I need to go to the store later tonight.

Anyway the reason I am writing this is because I’ve realized after having two amazing interviews at two different jobs I’ve started to sit back and think of how I want my life to be. Plus it helps talking to someone about it at the same time.

I don’t know if I’m “Relationship” Material, whatever that means. I love my space, my quiet time, my own world. But that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t want to share it with someone every now and then, just not 24/7. I want to have something that is my own.

When I find the right career it will be mine. When I finish school that will definitely be mine. When I get my own place (again) it will be mine. I will know I’ve reached my goals when I’ve met all three of those personally and professionally. Yet the idea of having a real relationship with someone who’s just not for sex truly scares me because what if I can’t do any of that daily, relationship stuff again? The last time I tried was over ten years ago and failed it completely because I couldn’t see what was going on. Maybe that is why I’m looking forward to living my life the way I decide what is best for me.

Is that wrong to live that way? I’m sure everyone will have some sort of opinion when it comes to it, but honestly I’ve been going through this book, “What’s My Type” by Natasha Burton. It is a book full of questions in different part of your life. Past, Present and Future. I’m dealing with my past right now. As I look at my answers I’m realizing so much and it’s telling me so much of myself that I never really wanted to learn or focus on.

I think everyone needs to get this book and learn from it, it can tell you so much. This is why I think I’m good with making sure I’ve got my own check marks next to my goals in life, and the idea of a 24/7, 365 days type of relationship isn’t really for me. I mean every now and then will be great, but nothing where I need to focus on possibly picking out rings, or table settings, and honeymoon destinations kind of thing. I swear if I ever met a guy who is like me with this type of mindset I just know I’d be in trouble because we both would think a big wedding is a joke, and we’d probably go elope and honeymoon without telling a single person. Plus I have such a large family I just don’t want that drama because there would be drama.

What do you guys think? Take a look for this book, buy it! Read it and Study from it. It is so interesting I promise.