Funny thoughts


When do you have that “Ah-ha” moment in your life when you realize that you are totally misunderstood by people? Is it something you’ve recognized early or is it something someone has to point out to you? I know I’m often misunderstood because it’s obvious no one truly knows how to deal with me, put up with me, or anything along those lines. Why is that? I’m truly not a complicated person, definitely complex in some ways, but not that difficult. Right?

Have you ever stopped to think about any of that for yourself? Are you misunderstood at all about who you are or what you’re all about? I know I am, and honestly the day someone truly figures me out I know I’m in trouble because that means I’ve lost my ability to surprise them, shock them, annoy them, or make them laugh. I still keep myself on my own toes because of my never ending obstacles and obsessions of whatever is going on in my life.

I tell everyone my life and my brain isn’t for the faint of heart. It takes someone truly strong enough in who they are to be able to deal with my good days, bad days, and more. I’m not paranoid about things, but I’m definitely always looking over my shoulder just in case.

Anyone who knows me knows I used my life in my writings. The good, bad, ugly, pretty & completely sad. It’s all I’ve got, it’s all I know. I also observe people and how they act, how they treat others, and how they respond and respect others in their lives. That’s the best part about people watching, and also looking at my own reflection.

Why is it always the person who is the most misunderstood the one who is the most broken, and also the most likely to be alone? Have you noticed that? Apart from me and my sad/happy/up & down emotional roller coaster of life, do you know anyone else who is like that? I mean I know I’m a highly intelligent woman (to a point) but I still love to learn more. Yet do you know how to help someone or just be nice to someone who is misunderstood?

Let me know what you think because honestly I’m just a little bit of everywhere in my brain tonight.