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Happiness of being Alone

The word alone used to mean such horrible things for me. When you think of the word alone it means many different things for people. When you look up the word it’s either an adjective or an adverb. It can be used to express emotions, or to take something as a form of ownership.

I tend to use the word as an adjective, a sense of emotion. For some people it is a sense of isolation, but for others it is a feeling of knowing they could do something alone.

I think the word tends to be up to the person, right? I often feel alone by certain things I am going through, but how quickly I’m reminded that I’m not really. When it comes to having a relationship with someone the feeling of being alone in this world doesn’t scare me like it used to years ago.

My goal is to make my life my own, alone, to a point. I’m okay with sharing my highs and lows with people who mean something to me, but at the same time the less people I let into the intimacy levels of my life the safer I stay. Staying safe from people who have been harmful, and still cause me harm to this day is all I’ve ever wanted…Protection.

Other than that I am okay with being alone in other ways. Have you ever felt the need to be alone? And be okay with it? My biggest fear when it comes to loneliness isn’t if I have someone in my life, but more of if I have someone next to me to protect me from those who I know want to hurt me.

The life path I am on is something I have to do alone. That is why I am okay with it, but at the same time the fears I had of living my life alone relationship wise isn’t there anymore. I’m getting closer to 40 and I’m heading my life in a different direction than what I thought.

What do you guys think? How do you handle with being alone? Do you think it’s okay to be alone in this life?