Funny thoughts

Acting Like the A*shole

Why do men get to act like the a*shole and it is totally okay? Why is is socially acceptable for that to happen, yet if a woman acts like a B*tch to someone all kinds of names come out?

Where were those battle lines drawn? I often think that men who act out like that are crying out for something else. Maybe I’m wrong (wouldn’t be the first time), but then again I feel like men are for more emotional, hormonal, and over all sentimentalists in their own way instead of women.

Take sex for example. I sometimes wonder if the man holds onto those emotions and guard themselves tighter than most women? I mean if the guy is the one who turns into a chick after everything, but in reality they are the ones falling apart on the inside. What ever happened to being able to be cool and calm, collected, and have that “I got what I needed feeling and I’m gonna keep walking.”

I guess I’m the one who has to be the one to act like this. I am wondering if I am going to be able to keep it up whenever I do get to that point of being comfortable with the idea of meeting a guy and moving forward with him. Then again I’m starting to think with how crazy messed up my life is (there is a list) that no man would really be willing to sign up to take me on.

Then again who knows why men do what they do. I’m good with the casual lovin’ session, but I’m also not going to beg a guy to stick around or bother him just because. I think we all need to learn our boundaries when we have casual sex with someone. They say women are the ones who develop emotions quicker than the guy, but sometimes I think it might actually be the other way around, the Guy is the one who develop the emotional connection, attachment, and so on because some men do not know how to be alone.

Honestly, deep down I love being alone, but I love being in a relationship. It just has to be different than what you see as the “norm” in society.

Do you think you could handle it if a woman called you out on your BS and Drama and wonder, “Is it okay for me to act this way?”

Let me know.