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Don’t get it Confused

I sometimes think that men and women allow their brains to get confused after they have had sex with someone. Sometimes some get clingy. Some will show up to your front door at strange times of the day. Some will just know how to keep things funny, light and casual, but also know that it’s going to be sometime before the two of you have sex again.

Why do we allow ourselves to get so bent out of shape when dealing with the opposite sex? Why do we allow them to take so much of our brain power when it isn’t needed. After I have sex with someone (depending on who it is) I will keep the conversation to a minimum, get dressed and get my stuff and say goodbye. I’m not trying to move things in the next day. I am not wanting to take over your home or your life. I just want to know when can we do that again?

I keep things funny and light with a guy. I don’t want to bother him daily unless it is for something I need his opinion on, or I am asking a genuine question. If I am bored I can do something else. I mean I’m applying for jobs daily, reading books daily, and doing a lot of writing. Not to mention speaking with my mother, praying, and also getting back into my yoga (doctors orders). I mean it isn’t that complicated.

Maybe my point of view or my side of things isn’t shared or even seen the same way as a guy. Then again I know it isn’t. Most guys always think, “Okay, I got what I needed I’m going to leave her alone and ignore her because if I don’t then I’m going to give her the wrong impression.” Okay, well that is fine, no skin off my nose kind of thing, but honestly if you think that what’s between your legs holds a lot of power, sorry honey you are mistaken. I’ve got my own power because honestly I can do what I need to do on my own.

I don’t understand why men and women get casual sex so messed up. The trick is to know that you have someone you can have casual sex with, don’t forget about them, and don’t make them feel like they are less than because eventually your mind games will get turned on you and you’ll get stuck trying to play a new game on someone else who is far better than you could ever be.

The great thing about having someone you can rely on to have great sex with, is making sure you respect them. Don’t make that person feel like they are less than anything. Have fun, but keep it relaxed. Don’t bring expectations into the situation, just have fun and do your own things.

Let me know if I’m wrong.

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