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For the Love of the Game….

Do you love movies? Which is your favorite one that hits you right in the heart? The movie that gets me is the Kevin Costner movie, “For the Love of the Game” I titled this after that, but left it open because honestly this movie has so much real life to it apart from the professional ball player and the woman’s life. Allow me to explain everything.

The idea that someone thinks that if they meet someone, connects with them, and have a few wonderful moments that the relationship and love will always be there. The idea that someone can’t move on in their life, and expect to hold onto something and someone hoping would be there.

She’s honest with him, “You don’t need me.” How many times has a woman wanted to tell a man that? How many times does she feel it in her heart that the man she’s holding onto, waiting to be the man she knows he can be, and also love her back the way she loves him. I can say that I completely understand this movie in so many ways. I mean Jane waited five years for Billy to understand everything about their relationship. Is five years too long? What is too long for love?

What do you think it takes for a man to realize that the woman who’s been around and been by his side no matter what is the one who would love him through his good days and bad days. Who would be patient with all his traveling, and sleeping in an empty bed at times. I think that was Billy’s problem. He was so used to being alone, living his life for himself. Never really having to worry about anyone or anything. Some guys have that luxury, some have kids, but do you think they use that as a “crutch”?

Be sure to pay attention to his relationship reflections of how he met the woman who captured his heart. Men are so oblivious to so much, but when they meet their match it takes forever to see the truth. I think that is why I love this movie so much because he didn’t really think love would enter his life in the least expected way possible.

I know what it’s like to be the child of divorced parents and their “dating” life. My mom didn’t focus on it until we were teenagers and living with our dad. My father on the other hand had women coming in and out the door on a constant basis. I learned a lot watching that, especially how not to be if I was ever the woman dating a man who has kids.

If you’ve never seen that movie please watch it. I am a sports fan also, but this movie does have baseball in it. Watch it and look for the love story and complications that two people go through from two different worlds and two different levels of love expectations.

Look for the true connection, opening your heart, mind, and life to someone that you know could totally break everything you are.