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Modern Love….What is it?

I just finished watching a series on Amazon called, “Modern Love” have you seen it? If not you need to. I really cried so hard in three maybe four episodes. So many life experiences I realized in front of me that I didn’t even stop to think about my own life.

I always sit back and observe people and what makes their lives so differently than mine. I mean the obvious part is they have a job, probably their own place, money in the bank, and food in their refrigerator. They also seem to have the one thing that gives life when it smacks you so hard in the face….Love.

What is love? How do you define it? What makes you feel like you actually have it? I’ve realized that love comes in many different forms, and in so many different ways. I look at love as the simplest thing two people can have because honestly that is what it can be, if that is what they want and make of it. Love can also be hurtful, pain, and sadness. Because how much of the other person do you really know? How much are they willing to break down their own walls to let someone in?

I ask this because as my walls have been rebuilt around my heart for reasons, because like one storyline in the show. I seem to let my heart decide what it wants to do, and hold onto people and things when it shouldn’t. It needs to let things go, it needs to let the tears of life wash all of it away. I need to be able to be honest with my pain, and also my regrets. Those are the biggest lessons I think we all can take from love.

My favorite storyline was the older couple. Their spouses had passed away years ago, but just because they knew heartache they decided to give love another shot. It was their happy ending for the time they had. I honestly would rather have that than nothing at all. I mean to know that just because you are of a certain age doesn’t mean that love is beyond who you are. We all need it, we all crave it, but it’s just knowing what it is.

I think that is what I am trying to ask everyone. What is “modern love” to you? Does it have conditions? Does it have zero expectations of actually working out because what if you get to know the real person inside and you actually stick around to show someone that you care. Isn’t that love? Showing someone that you care for them, good days and bad days. You have the knowledge that love isn’t going to be forever, but maybe for some it is.

How do you define “Modern Love”? Watch that series, it’s only eight episodes and you will understand. My eyes hurt from crying, and my heart just feels empty by letting it all out now. And let me know what you thought.