Funny thoughts


Do you ever look at your life and wonder if you need outside eyes? Do you listen to what people say or maybe listen to some of their advice?

When it comes to relationships and or failed love do you often wonder if they miss you or even look at your life from time to time? Maybe they are an ex for a reason. I know some of my ex’s are in that category for a major reason, but other than that I sometimes wonder a few things.

This is why I often say “Outside eyes” are usually best when it comes to certain things. What do you do when an ex/lover misses you but fails to admit it? Do you keep moving forward with your life? Do you stop what you are doing and help them out?

What do you do? How are you supposed to feel? Are you supposed to move forward without them? I often wonder because if someone wants to view your life, they would want to be apart of it, but isn’t exactly sure how to, right? Maybe I’m looking at it all so very wrongly because I am too close to my feelings.

Why can’t people be honest with themselves? Why can’t they let their emotions show them that something is worth is? I ask so many questions because to be honest my brain has been in over drive with the amount of time I currently have on my hands.

Wouldn’t you like to have someone take your eyes and show you what you need to know about someone. Wouldn’t it be great if you took take a moment and observe those around you and those who are hurting as well. Maybe a look into someone’s broken heart will give you a brand new perspective into who that person is, or maybe what they are all about.

Could you use a fresh pair of eyes to help see your relationship or life?