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Letting Go….For Real this time

Do you ever have moments in your life when you’ve run out of steam when it comes to a relationship? Like everything you’ve tried to make something work, worth wild, or just to spice things up. What can someone do to keep a relationship going or interesting, right?

I’m honestly at this point in my life where I’m not even sure if I am relationship material. Do you get like that? I think I am seriously missing that piece or part of my existence as a woman to make men attracted to me, to make them want to stick around.

Why does the world of relationships seem so complicated or difficult to reach? Why do others make it so easy? Have you ever noticed that?

Sitting here on a cold night I’ve realized that maybe falling in love isn’t for me, but writing about it or even offer some type of advice in hope of showing people how to avoid those pesky red flags that we all face.

I think maybe it’s time to walk this life alone and be left alone. I can see why some people like it. No worries about someone else. Quiet dinners, silence while watching T.V., a bed all to yourself. No hair in the tub or bathroom. Nothing to really annoy you, right?

I dream about love, and still believe it is the most powerful thing in the world, but it is sometimes just for the dreamers. The idea of being alone when you walk into your place and not having to see a smiling face, warm smile, loving heart, and more.

Maybe that is the difference between me and others around. Having love in your life is something that is special, but it ins’t for everyone. I guess people do avoid the idea of love and conversation to have peace and quiet in their lives.

Makes sense. I am going to just let my failures, hopes, dreams, passions go. They don’t serve me well.

What about you?