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Loner Lifestyle

I’ve been in Tennessee visiting my parents for a couple of days. It’s been a nice getaway from my life. It has also brought me some insight to people and even into myself. I like being alone, but I also like being with someone. Not too many people, but just keep it small and simple.

Driving almost 9 hours to get to my parents was definitely an eye opener. I mean I get why some people love traveling on their own, and also enjoy being completely alone. I am realizing that some people are just meant to be alone.

I am going to have another 9 hours to get home, but I know now that sometimes some people need to be alone, and spend their life alone. I am trying to make 2020 a little different than the norm. I have a reason to travel now. My parents live close to Nashville. But I don’t want to use them as an excuse to do anything. I need to get out of myself and make it a point to get out of Kansas a little bit more.

I wonder if solo travelers feel lonely? Do you think they miss having someone to come home to when all that traveling is done? Do they miss talking or texting someone when they are on the road? I often wonder about that because it’s something that crosses my mind. Being on the road can be lonely, but I realize that you should want to have someone to come home to.

Maybe being away from Kansas will give me a different perspective on people, things, life, and getting more of me. I am looking forward to seeing what 2020 may hold for me. Hopefully it will show me a side of myself that I didn’t know or maybe I’ll have a new adventure.