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Holidays and Relationships

Just finished reading an article by relationship guru Matthew Hussey, he’s talking about 4 tips to help your guy fall in love with you during this holiday season. His tips are: 1) Show a Joy for Life, 2) Be the One Who Reaches Out (Literally), 3) Notice His Best Qualities, and 4) Split the Decisions.

As I read this article my first thoughts were, “REALLY, ARE YOU KIDDING ME RIGHT NOW!?!?!?!?”

I will never say anything mean or degrading about my ex (depends on the ex) but for the most recent one I look at this list and it makes me want to scream so much. How dare this come out today of all days. My ex is a good man, with a lot of great qualities about him, and I know when the day comes he will make some woman very very happy. So unbelievably happy that she will never doubt his love and devotion. I on the other hand have some issues with this. I wouldn’t be my cold hearted self if I didn’t have issues.

You try your best to keep a relationship that you thought was a great one going, but when the guy isn’t investing any time in you, into your relationship as a couple 11 other months of the year why do people think that just because it’s the Holidays he will all of a sudden wake up and realize that he had someone who totally loved him, she knew how to enjoy life and also relax with him in life. That all of a sudden he will turn his entire brain around just for a Christmas miracle.

There have been so many nights I’ve prayed for relationship miracles that will not come. I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t believe in any of those ideas of Christmas hopes, dreams, miracles, whatever you want to call them.

What I mean is I’ve prayed for a relationship to work, but someone else comes my way and makes me forget about my broken heart and heals it. Isn’t that the idea of every single Hallmark/Lifetime/Netflix Christmas movie? That all of a sudden because I’ve been dealing with a broken heart 11 months out of the entire year, just because we are in the Christmas season things will all of a sudden work out or I finally meet someone new? That is the BS they sell you right? I mean that is why so many women watch those worthless movies?

I’m sorry if I am beyond cynical, but I’ve experienced far to many broken hearted moments to believe that things happen all of a sudden because of the Holiday season. The sooner people realize that the better we all will be.

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