Funny thoughts

Reviewing everything for 2020

I love when I look at my life and I see things changing. I am super excited for the new year, and to see what is in store next.

I have no doubt that since my relationship life has completely hit the brick wall so hard and fast, that my professional life will get better. Does that happen to anyone? When your professional life starts to move forward, does your personal life stop or just quits on you? Maybe it’s just me and how the universe works. I have always dreamed of having a positive professional life, and even greater personal life, but somewhere in the fabric of who I am or who the guy is, it always fails miserably.

Now I am not blaming anyone, but in reality it could be one of those things where the guy just can’t handle it, or I am too busy, or maybe it’s not a good time for us. I mean a lot of my relationships (as I look back) I’ll say maybe all of them were bad timing. So many things going on in my life to cause distractions, issues, complications even that can drive a guy who’s not mentally or emotionally ready to deal with me, always goes bad.

I often wonder if there is a man out there who can truly handle me, is it possible? They say they can, they even attempt, but for some reason they drop the ball. Not their fault, they at least attempted.

Well now that I am going into 2020, single, hoping to move into my own place again, and looking forward to starting school again. Maybe it’s time to just realize that I am not meant for a solid relationship, that I am just good for sex only (I truly hope not) even though I totally desire a good man, especially one who is truly man enough to handle me and the craziness of my life.

What are your hopes for 2020? I’m seeing the positive side of things after a long hard battle of doing and praying, my inability to give up and let things go, apart from people.

Have you made your list? Have you even thought about it?