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Regrets, Fears, and Loneliness

When a relationship ends who do you think suffers worse? The one who didn’t want it to happen or the one who caused it? It’s something that crosses my mind every now and then.

One of my high school besties just got married. First marriage for them both. I’m often optimistic when it comes to love, she’s waited a long time for this to happen, but it did and honestly I’m so excited for them both.

I sat there today looking at myself and realized that I am missing out on what I wish I had, and that it will never happen, just a solid relationship. I often think that a man may have regrets because of his own fears that he’s not yet faced. Why is that? He’s the one who made his own decisions to walk his life alone, yet fears of facing the truth.

Thankfully I’m not afraid of what my life could be if a man wants to step up and be in my life, give me silence in a world of noise. Experience new things and more with me just to be happy.

Is that when the lonely life sets in? I don’t feel lonely at times. I mean being alone doesn’t bother me, but being lonely, of just a level of loneliness sets in that I know will come, but I’m trying to avoid it.

What do you think?