Funny thoughts

Finding Peace

When you reach that moment in your life where you realize that you have found a small bit of peace, it gives you a sense of relief and the feeling that no matter what happens in your life moving forward you will be okay. I finally felt that last night. There was a moment when I was talking to a friend about my crappy dating life, or lack there of, she informed me that she has the perfect guy for me. Instantly my mind went, “uh, no not this again”, but she told me about him and she said she will be talking to her husband about it and she will schedule a dinner for us to meet.

I instantly realized that it is totally possible to move on with someone who might be worth something, but I still have some hesitations. Because of my most recent ex he set the bar higher than I ever knew existed. I mean the level of quality in a man who knows who he is, and what he’s all about was amazing and refreshing to be honest. I don’t want to get my hopes up with this potential guy, but I hope he’s what I am looking for and needing. I am thankful that he is older than me by 12 years. I find that I’m happiest with men who are older versus those who are in or around my age group, only because those men in my age group still want kids, where as men who are significantly older do not want kids at all.

I hope this isn’t a let down. She told me he would be perfect, and definitely needs a woman who’s ambitious, dedicated, and knows who she is. I told her I have my moments on the last one, but I’ll get there. The good thing is my ex did do me a huge favor, he opened my eyes to a whole new level of men, type, expectations, and just showing me that not all men are the same….personality wise. It was very refreshing to see a huge difference.

Will I miss my ex? Yes, he’s a good man with a good heart. Will I continue to pray for him, hoping that he finds what he’s looking for in life? Of course, always a part of me will always love him. I can say that with so much truth because he did nothing wrong to make me hate him, but I am telling you right now. If he gets involved with another woman and she doesn’t treat him right, oh there will be hell to pay.

I look forward to this new potential, but I will keep busy with my life.