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Online “Dating” good and bad

Have you ever done online “dating”? I’ve tried it, I am no fan of it. It has its moments of having someone to talk to, but not in the ways I am familiar with. Like face to face conversations and getting to know someone. I mean we just talk on the phone. How do you establish any form of intimacy with someone online?

I am so over the online thing because all I’ve ever come across are guys that are too good looking, or ones who are in the military, but you have no idea if they are legit, some men who ask for money, and some who just want a woman to send them pictures of their boobs while they think it’s okay to send women pictures of their d*ck. Honestly no one wants to see that, lol!

The whole online dating world makes the ides of face to face dating or personal interaction a whole new thing for the younger generation. It’s something I am so used to myself personally. I mean I am used to talking to men face to face, letting my boobs show with pride in a nice outfit, hair and makeup done, and just feeling good about myself.

I’ve learned to not trust anyone line just as I’ve learned not to trust face to face, isn’t that horrible? Like why would I want to even try to be with someone, right? I guess it’s just the level of how high my walls are, and not finding anyone who is willing to even try, stick around, or just be there.

What about you? Has online dating worked for you? Is it worth the money that is required to get those messages and more? Give me your points of view.