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Outside Influences

So I’ve recently realized that there are a lot of people who can cause a lot of drama on their own and eventually bring that into a relationship that is between two people. I’ve never once had that situation before in my life until recently. It is a whole new sensation, and really experience. I am not sure exactly how to deal with it because in my mind if someone lets outsiders into a relationship then they were never really trying to be with you, right?

I am totally against people, even family being in the middle of anyone’s relationship, because it isn’t yours to get yourself involved in. The relationship is between two people, and two people only. If they blast one another on Facebook then that is their issue, don’t get in the middle of it. However, from recent experience if actual people who are outsiders in a Professional manor and they cause harm or a rift between two people then shame on them, especially if there was nothing wrong with the couple from the start.

Again, however if one person needed a catalyst to remove (let’s say) himself from the relationship, all he needed was something to justify no more text messages, funny jabs at one another, or anything like that from what they are used to. If a man needed that kind of ammo to end something instead of having the balls to say it to a woman, then in reality he’s no man. He’s lost all my respect, and doesn’t deserve to be with someone who would totally love him for who he is and more.

I realized that I’ve never once let outsiders into any of my relationships, except maybe one, but that was really early on in my life. I was young and had no idea of what I was doing, but now as I’m getting closer to 40, I’ve realized that keeping my relationship (no matter what it is) separate from anything I am doing work, family, friends, business professional stuff like that, keep it separate and only involve him when its needed, not all the time. I think this was a major lesson and stepping stone for myself and who I can and cannot trust anymore.

I think my level of human disappointment has increased over this latest realization. I could never treat anyone the way I’ve been treated in the context of relationship or friendship. It’s really heartbreaking that someone would allow outside influences to break two people up or to cut ties completely.

I guess people still surprise me after all this time. It shouldn’t, but it does.