Funny thoughts


When something ends how do you know your really ready to move on. How do you start over again with someone new? Is there a time frame? Is there a moment that will let you know that you have “grieved” long enough for the relationship or almost, possible relationship?

I’ve personally never seen that part of the manual in life. Does it even exist? I guess I ask these questions because we are heading into that “magical” time of the year when all of a sudden everyone’s dreams are coming true. Is it me or do you wish you could by pass this time of year. I mean I don’t dislike Christmas, but I dislike how all of a sudden it’s time to put all your hopes and dreams into one month and make it better. Doesn’t that seem odd to anyone?

I honestly have no idea why I am talking about starting over I mean I am still emotionally exhausted from trying to deal with yet another failed situation. Failing in relationships are what I am personally best at, not sure why because I think I am doing things right, but apparently I’m not. Maybe it’s that I am not finding the right guys, who knows anymore.

Deep down I still hold onto a small form of hope that things will workout, but maybe that is why I get so irritated with this time of the year. I really dislike the idea of “dating” anyone, but then again I know I will need to because the one thing I want will never return to me, and it is something I have to get used to.

I realized something over the weekend. I was around so many married people and I noticed that all of them have been married for years, I know it’s not easy so please do not think what I am about to say makes it so. Each couple had little loving nicknames for their spouses. It was mainly the men who had loving names for their wives. Example: “Honey-bunches”, My Love, Sweetie, Hero, his Tank (his wife is a very strong woman, been through a lot), even “Mamma”.

I realized that each of these men stopped what they did to helped their wives with whatever they did, needed, and smiled with love through all of it. Where are those types of men now? Why is this so complicated for men to understand? You want us to be so proud of everything you do, then please do the same for us.

When I get someone like these men I saw from the weekend, that is when I know I’ll be ready for the next stage of my life, whatever that maybe.