Funny thoughts

Hopeful….it’s all I know

Sitting in my office at work I realized that even though my lover has shut the door on us it doesn’t make me regret our time together. It taught me so much, but it also reminded me of how to keep my walls up, and really better protect my hear from so much.

He is an amazing man, who has a kind and loving heart even if he doesn’t realize it. If things were different for us, I think we would have been pretty fantastic. Loyal, and the most laid back couple ever! Even with our crazy work schedules, we would have made it happen.

Despite all of that I still have so much hope for my life and my love life. I want attention, I want to be made as if I’m the most important woman in a mans life, and not made to feel as if I am bothersome to him and his life.

I am hopeful that God will bless me with someone who will give me the things I’ve always prayed for….Attention and Time, but also check the rest of the boxes as my ex-lover did. I just hope it’s not another 8 years of waiting for someone to come into my life.

I need someone who can hang with my family, go to Church with me, and also reassure me that even though I’m crazy, my work schedule is crazy, and that my family is absolutely nuts! That we are good, that we are happy, that the two of us are enough.

It’s all I could ever ask for. I don’t think it’s a lot, but given the right man, he would know that I’d be just as patient with him and his life, and his needs as he is with me. If I’m given what I ask for, then believe me just having him curled up next to me watching TV while I read a book, or just curled up would be the best thing ever! More than money can buy.

What about you? Does having heartbreak leave you empty or does it give you hope that despite everything that’s gone bad you can still keep that tiniest bit of hope that love will find you again.