Funny thoughts

Strength and Weakness

We go through our day to day life with so much strength for know what we are doing, understanding that we move forward or fix mistakes made by others with a smile. On the flip side of that there are also weakness’ that we deal with because so many times we want to voice our opinions on things.

This is common in relationships. We have strength in ourselves, but when we meet the right person, we tend to get stronger, confident, and that feeling of happiness. Like nothing or no one can take it away from us.

The flip side is weakness. If you aren’t in a stable relationship, you are coming and going as you please type attitude, where does that leave you? Always wondering why your good enough for this, but not good enough for the rest.

I ask myself this question all the time. I reflect it back on me as if I’m the one with the commitment issues, communication problems, or just the fact that I’m not putting forth any effort when in reality I am. Do you do that? Do you ever stop yourself and put it all on the other persons lap to do the fighting for you?

How do you handle it when you knew this day would come, but you had so much hope, faith, and never ending prayer list of how God can help with this person, what’s the one maybe two things they need to change, and it doesn’t happen. You give up right? You let them go, that what everyone tells you because being weak for that person effects your everyday strength.

Think of it as oil and vinegar. Both are in a bottle, both can used to make something so amazing, but yet when they settle they separate, the flavor value isn’t the same, it’s off. That’s how it is for me. When I’m mixed up with the most recent guy we are great, the flavors of us mix so well, but when we separate it’s two different items, two different flavors. The problem is when the outside tries to throw in too much salt, it ruins it.

Finding that balance, wanting to taste the two together is something to reach for, right? You have to have strength and weakness to understand what’s best for you. No one is going to understand how or why, but I think if we let oil consume everything we are just for a momentary fix, it leaves it feeling pretty bitter.

What do you think?