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Grievances on Dating

I was listening to a local talk show Friday night when I heard a call from a woman talking about how dating in Kansas City is horrible! The DJ’s asked her, “Please explain.” She went on to tell them, “I was seeing this guy for three years, he was so amazing, but never could communicate with me, was just emotionally incapable of making a real go of us, plus not to mention he was still involved with his ex-wife.” I swear it wasn’t me because I was trying to get to an appointment. I slowed my car down to a stop sign and just sat there wanting to cry. I knew this woman’s pain, and experience.

I don’t know how or why I always seem to attract certain type of men. I don’t believe I give off the impression that I don’t want to be valued, appreciated, desired, or be made important to him, but for some reason it happens. I mean I don’t ask for income or credit because your money is your business not mine. Just give me the same respect.

I pulled into a parking spot and started wondering why do men hit a relationship wall? Where in their brain does it say it’s okay to lead women on? Why are they not honest from the start saying, “Look I’m not sure I want a full on relationship at this time, but I would like to hang out with you every now and then if I could.” Kind of thing. WHY IS THAT SO HARD!!!???

I realize now that the emotional levels of men in my area are beyond limited now. If this woman is struggling like I have been these past 3 years myself, then really there is no hope, no hope at all. I told some ladies tonight at an event all about it, and I said, “I can’t do online dating anymore. I tried and it was just ridiculous. I’ll never meet someone who could eventually grow into something real and lasting.” One last smiled and said, “Girl God can hear you.” I laughed, “I know, but I think after 9 years of saying that, and a failed relationship in the middle of all of that He’s got me on mute.” She just looked at me with this sad face….Yup just what I needed….Thanks!

If anyone can explain why men today are suffering from relationship/emotional constipation maybe then I’ll understand why I attract them, then I can devise a plan to make it stop!