Funny thoughts

Seeing A Way Out

Ever wonder if it’s possible to see the way out of a deep fog? Maybe out of this idea where you think people know you, think they understand you, your life, and all that one goes through to just survive?

I often think that people believe what they hear 2nd or 3rd hand, maybe form their own opinions based on people around them, and really any form of dictation. Is it possible to make yourself be seen differently than before or differently, maybe better than others imagine you to be.

I think it’s sad when people hold their opinions of you based on others opinions of you. I think it’s even worse when someone who’s supposed to be of an intimate relationship with you, and they say nothing at all. Silence is their protection against so much, yet dealing with the ugliness of others lies is too much to bear.

Is it ever possible to truly have a new self image in the same places? Is it even worth the fight? Does there need to be more emotional bleeding for things to finally make sense? I often thing that those who chose silence, or hide behind some curtain because it’s what they are comfortable with, fail to understand that outside influences or having someone bring color to their life is worth it all.

What do you think? Am I making any sense at all? I often wonder if someone understands what I am saying. Is it time to tear away the old skin, grow some new skin, and let the brokenness of failure go?