Funny thoughts


When you think about it, can it be possible for two people to be just friends? I think so.

Two people who are grown adults. I feel like two people who are of opposite sexes they can actually be just friends who are not sexually active and or attracted to each other.

When you make a new friend, it makes life a little bit easier. Sometimes we all just need someone to talk to when things get tough, and or you are facing issues that you are struggling with.

I have been honest about struggling with a few things, and I feel like because of this issue it has effected a part of my life personally. I know it has effected it professionally, but I will get over that part of my life. Unfortunatly the personal side of me is struggling with the loss of something that meant so much to me because despite what it was, it brought me out of a place where I saw myself as invisible. When you struggle with heartache, and some major heartbreak it takes time to recoup from all of that, but I guess heartache is something one gets used to in their lives.

I always hoped to find a friend who will understand me, but when it comes to men I guess I deal with things differently. My walls and lack of trust that the guy will leave me is something that has effected me my whole life. It never fails me when the other shoe drops.

Meeting new people is what I do, it’s part of my life. I make friends here and there, but when you find a group of guys who are from the same life you grew up in, and understand their kids, you tend to learn about their broken lives as well. It’s been great having these guys around. Yet, no matter what it still makes me leaving and wondering, and or knowing that I am stuck with the idea that I am going to be left alone in this life no matter what.

Maybe that is my destiny. I don’t want to think that, but I think it is and its time to accept it.