Funny thoughts

Relationship, Marriage, Divorce….Trying Again???

I came up with this title after being at work, dealing with guests, and a few lovable drunks. I’m used to it.

These guys are a different breed of men. I grew up around them my whole life. I just know them, I can read them. The best part about it is they understand me too. Now I am going to use these guys as examples for my topic.

There are 5 guys, one is married, two are single, one is about to get engaged, and the other one I have no idea. The two guys who are single are both divorced, twice. One wants to play the field, but I realized he doesn’t know how to (surprised me!), the other one just needs to stop, he’s fully aware of it. The third guy is about to get engaged, and he’s so far gone it’s adorable, annoyingly so. My main guy I deal with is about to get a divorce. I told him today, “Take your time, get through this, and you’ll find someone who will appreciate all you do.”

He stood there drinking several beers, he finally came clean as to why he’s getting the divorce (I didn’t ask at all), to me it’s the oldest thing in the book, the most simplest of marital concepts…sex, taking care of your partner, and more sex….but as I am so casually and often reminded I’m not married and never have been married. I don’t deny that at all, but I do have some strong feelings about how I believe a marriage should work, and how it shouldn’t work.

I know I’d make a horrible wife. I grew up cooking and cleaning for other people, that I actually hate doing it now even for myself, but I do it. Now, there are no kids involved with me, but that’s my choice. I guess I like the idea of being with someone who got the need for kids out of their system, so he can focus on me as much as I’d focus on him….get the point?

I asked my guys today, “Would you give relationships another chance?” Each of them said “Hell Yes!” I was surprised. The twice divorced guys said “Of course, I love being married.” one wants a little girl because he’s got sons. One is gonna get married soon, but the last one who’s getting the divorce says he wants a woman who doesn’t mind that he travels for work, lives on a farm, and will be home when he comes home. All he wants is love, affection, and sex! Lots of sex where they wake up in the same bed and he can roll over and grab her boobs.

Naturally I laughed at all of this because it’s the total opposite of everything I ever thought men of their ages would say! These four guys all range in age from 39-46 years old. I would have never guessed that any of them would ever want to try again!

I wonder if it’s the guy who does or doesn’t want to try again and they are just swiping left or right on women for the moment? Maybe not giving the idea a shot because of all the hurt?

Think about it.