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Working It Out

Do you think two people can work things out when outside influences have effected who they are? Is it possible to be strong enough to overcome all of it, or does it just go away like it never existed?

How do you protect what you value so much, and hold so dear to your heart, and protect it all at the same time? Is it possible to keep the outside world from what is an already strained situation?

I ask all of these questions for reasons that I am now facing. I feel as if something I hold so dear to my heart is falling away, and or has decided to shut the door completely on what makes us different from others. When you allow drama, lies, manipulation, and or whispers to enter into something, or someones mind it causes problems. If you two are already struggling to communicate about the most basic things to make a relationship work then the continuation of something just for the two of you is doomed.

It hurts with the idea of letting it go, it’s like ripping off a band-aid, and bleeding with the hopes of having a scab form to stop the bleeding, but it gets infected. The fear is facing it all when the time comes. I know I have to, but deep down I don’t think my heart can take it.

Relationship failures are my specialty. I know how to either mess something up, break it apart, or let someone down. Its a one of a kind of thing I have, its not anything I’m proud of, I definitely do not do anything to harm someone on purpose because it isn’t anything that is my goal. I hope to really be with someone who’s strong enough to handle my wild dreamy ways, calm state of mind (sometimes), and really just be there and don’t abandon me when I need him the most. Abandonment is something I always seem to face.

What do you think? Can two people overcome outside influences? Can they really bond together to be stronger and not let it effect their lives, or does someone walk away thinking that it’s done, it’s over, whatever the lies and rumors are it was the leverage they needed to finally get rid of that person from their lives?

Let me know what you think.