Funny thoughts

Pulling Away

Why do we pull away from people who love us? Why do we cause any kind of silence? It doesn’t make you feel good, it definitely doesn’t help the other person.

When someone pulls away they do it for different reasons. This treatment is soooo much more worse than the Silent Treatment. One is just being quiet for the moment, or being silent because you don’t want to talk about something, but Pulling Away is an entirely different thing and really feeling.

As you pull away your not giving the person your leaving behind any kind of closer because your peeling pieces of their heart back, and throwing it into a fire with no second thoughts of how it is effecting them.

What’s the point? Why do it? Honestly it makes you look bad because instead of facing what’s going on, or being honest with yourself about either wanting to be with that person or just finally leave them behind, you leave them bleeding in the middle of the road with no thought, no way of making them feel as if they were important to you at one time, but frozen, cold, gone. Just gone.

You know what happens when you pull away from someone? Do you know how it effects them emotionally? Mentally? Physically?? As you walk away, distance yourself from them instead of being honest, giving closure, you leave their wounds on the floor with no real ability to heal and move on.

Have you ever done that to someone? I couldn’t, it’s not in my nature. Again I’m a talker so I want to talk things out, but if you struggle with this maybe for once try it out before you cut all ties because you are scared, sad, not sure what to think about that person.