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The Silent Treatment

Do you give your partner the Silent Treatment? Do you do it on purpose or is it your protection mechanism? Is it a relationship trait that you just can’t break? I ask because I’m a talker. I will talk my way through anything, but I will also listen because it is important. The crap part about me is I also read body language. I can tell and feel if someone is pulling away from me. It’s the hardest thing I go through being a Pisces. If you don’t know your horoscope learn it, it can help you answer some major questions about yourself that you never thought about.

Why do you give your partner the Silent Treatment? Do you know that it does give someone a major mental breakdown, and it can effect someone so deep that it cuts them on the inside that can cause more pain then you can imagine. The problem is we all learn to bottle things up inside with no thought to the other person because we have not learned to communicate things. Again, that is why I say I am a talker, and I’d prefer someone to talk to me instead of shutting me out, and leaving me wonder what is going on.

It does effect mentally, emotionally, and physically because when you love someone, care for someone. The idea of wondering what they did “wrong” or how they helped “end” something can cut deeper than any wound, and honestly it doesn’t heal like if someone cut you open with a dull knife and poured salt all over it to just watch you scream in pain. That is probably the best way to describe it.

Why do we do that to people we love? How do we break the cycle? What will you do to make the change? I know it is possible to change, but you have to be willing to make those changes, but how? Open yourself up, give the person a chance to understand why you are giving them the silent treatment. Also look inward because it all reflects on you in the end. Understand why you do and keep this pattern, does it help you? Does it protect you? Does it serve you any major purpose?

The way I see the silent treatment is that you are doing damage to someone who could be a great love for you, but also you are doing more damage to yourself because you are denying yourself the opportunity to be better, greater, and have a love that will be real, and just what you needed.

Think about it friends.

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