Funny thoughts

Confusion Setting In…

Ever get to points in your life where you feel like everything you are or everything you do is nothing but a complete confusing situation or game? Yeah, me too. I’m not sure when I’ve started noticing it, but I believe I can see some level of confirmation.

I work in the Hospitality Industry, it’s hard, long hours, and my daily life and work schedule is never the same. The joys of working at a Hotel, and especially as a Manager. If I’m not on my phone, answering calls, emails, and more then I’m working on my computer at strange hours of the day.

You meet the most interesting people when working in my area, some nice and some not so nice. You just take it for what it is and move on. However every now and then you meet people who are like you, and or you can read them like a book. Those individuals end up being the most amazing people around.

My life isn’t really all that complicated. Do I wish I had someone to take in quiet moments? Yes. Do I have someone on a permanent status for that? Depends on the day of the week. Do I want someone who wants to just shut the world out and let it go by? Heck yes!!! Lol, those tend to be the best moments. It’s all I can ever ask for.

I don’t look for drama (thank God) it depends on the situation and who brought it up, that it tends to creep into my life…..thankfully for me, I know how to stop it, and or put it aside when I need to. It’s something I’ve taught myself to do just so I can have some sense of “normalcy”.

So funny thing about why I am feeling as if I am rambling, or my topic isn’t making sense. These guys I’ve known for a few months have been staying at my hotel, they have work to do locally. I was talking to one tonight, while dealing with a few issues, I had a few moments where I could do some work. He came up to me and asked, “Jennifer, what’s going on?” I proceeded to tell him, we talked for a little bit longer, laughed, totally BS’d with jokes and stuff because thankfully I know how. Then he went on to some other topics of, “Why are you single?”, “What is it about you that men don’t want to commit to?”, “Seriously if a man can’t deal with you, or tame your ass then he’s no man.” Naturally I just smiled and looked at him, relying on my natural gift of being a bit of a male smart-ass I had to time my responses quickly, and with humor.

“Well, let me think.” Smiling I say, “I know why I’m single, but since you aren’t offering anything I’m not really telling you. Why don’t men commit to me? Hmmm…honestly that’s a difficult question because I’m pretty basic: feed me, water me, f*ck me into a deep sleep should be enough, right? Guess not, and as for you final question or ‘observation’ of men and lack there of, believe me there is a man who can handle me, and do not worry about anything else.”

He laughs, smiles at me, and says, “I think I’m in love.” I just smile back and focus on my work.

It’s things like this that can confuse a person, but if you know who you are, know what your all about….nah who am I joking confusion sets in, in every aspect of life, relationships just take up a good chunk of it. Stressful, right?