Funny thoughts

Getting too comfortable…

Do you think people stick what what’s comfortable? Maybe who is comfortable in their lives? Is it someone you’ve loved, but have walked away for a reason? Could it be you want to keep that person in your life for other reasons?

I am so very guilty of this. I keep certain people in my life for various reasons. I keep my eyes open to what’s out there, but at the same time keeping this person in my life gives me a moment of peace. There is zero pressure between the two of us, and to be honest it’s something that is so unbelievably laid back that it doesn’t effect my everyday life.

However there is a flip side to it, sometimes we can get way too comfortable with someone that we miss out on possibilities, could there be someone who’s willing to be your comfy partner, you know what I mean?

I think in my life, and how crazy it is, all the ups and downs of never knowing, it tends to be difficult to want to meet someone new, or be with someone new because honestly I no longer have the energy to deal with the idea of dating….dating sucks!

I could be wrong, what do you think?