Funny thoughts

Being Nice….limits?

I often wonder when you are trying to be nice to someone that is somewhat special to you, how do you get them to understand that you just see them as a friend? Is it possible to do that?

I try to be friendly with a lot of people, my ex’s (depends on who you are) not so much. Have you been able to be friends or friendly with your ex? For the first time in my life I can say yes, and I know there is zero anterior motive in any of it. It gives me comfort because I know if I ever meet someone new he will totally understand and be okay with it.

Does that mean you stop being nice to them? I don’t see why. You guys started out as friends first, then came lovers, then remained friends after. I wonder if some men/women can truly handle all of that? I know I can, it’s about being a respectful adult and not be rude or vindictive especially if they were nothing but amazing to you.

I sometimes wonder if it has its limits though? Does it ever stop or end? Is there a breaking point to all of it? When do “the gloves” come off by being real? I don’t see why two people wouldn’t already have “the gloves” off throughout the relationship or even after.

What do you think? Let me know, when do you stop being “nice” to an ex? You have zero motives on why, but you have been living your life and more.