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Male Bitterness…

Here’s an interesting topic of conversation, men who are bitter in their own way about things that didn’t quiet workout the way they thought. Now this bitterness could be a failed relationship (breakup or divorce), employment, or maybe even their kid(s), who knows, but I wonder if Men hold onto their own level or brand of “bitterness” towards themselves, someone, or life just as some women do?

Does anyone understand what I am trying to say? As a woman we go through our own issues of frustration, rage, anger & bitterness about failures in our life, it’s natural, BUT do men hold onto theirs longer than they should? If so how do you break that wall down to help them be free? Do they want to be free? Do they love their level of “bitterness” in their lives and just cover it up like a warm blanket?

I ask this because I’m starting to wonder if that’s the issue with certain men. Do they enjoy holding onto their anger/rage/hurt/heartache and more to justify any and all pain they give to another person who is just wanting to love them?

I know I’m asking a lot of questions, but it’s something that I am wondering if that’s the blockage facing some men today. Like if they have one good relationship, it’s a fruitful one, marriage and kids, but it ends in a difficult or unexpected divorce, how does he reconcile all of that? Where does his pain go? Does he hold onto it or does he use it as a defense mechanism hoping that he will stop any emotional connections forming with someone new and making sure that whoever comes into his life will be there, but only keep a level of distance.

How do you get him over his self destructive ways knowing that he’s capable of more, but is willing to sabotage his own happiness or the potential of great happiness & a good life with someone who would really love, appreciate, and more with him.

Can you help him? Would you even try? Let me know.