Funny thoughts

“More Than Words” is it possible?

I was just listening to the new version of “More than Words” by Extreme, it was sung by John Legend, Kelly Clarkson, Blake Shelton & Gwen Stefani. If you’ve not heard it, please do it is really that good. Plus it’s so funny how you get little hints of Blake & Gwen’s relationship and how much love they truly have for one another. Sometimes you can just feel or see the connection two people have, and it makes it seem like it’s a bit like you are imposing yourself into their love life.

It got me thinking, naturally. When it comes to words do you feel like those have a higher impact to you and your relationship than hearing “I love you”? I feel like unspoken words, just a level of understanding, and eye communication can mean a lot between two people. Does a relationship have to be based on those three words? They can do a lot of damage in so many ways, yet other words can lift someone up so much that only you can reach them.

Does any of this make sense? I’m a person of showing how you feel. If you do the littlest of things for me, then you definitely care. Plus it’s a huge step up from my last major relationship, lazy bum!

Will it take words and action to make someone feel the way you to or more? What will it take, do you think for someone to admit that they love you? That they’re afraid to open up or let you in? It’s like you know it’s there, but why or what made them feel like they need to shut the love world out. This is when I feel like expressing oneself is so important. There is a level of intimacy that comes with all of that, right?

Let me know in what way does your partner show you they love you or care for you? I’m a visual person, so for me knowing how I take my coffee is the best thing. Knowing I’m allergic to certain foods and is willing to accommodate all of that, plus being super supportive of life, and just being there to answer silly questions.

Any information is helpful.