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Astrology and Life

Do you ever wonder if your astrological sign is a true reflection of who you are inside? I’m a Pisces, I know I’m a daydreamer, I tend to feel everything, even when someone hides it from me. I don’t take anything personally, and it takes a lot to make me angry. I know I can admit when I am wrong, but I do know how to swim away from danger, and people when I need to.

I was reading an article recently that said my sign is ruled under Venus. If you’ve ever studied Greek mythology, then you would know that Venus is the goddess of love. Never in any of my studies does it say she’s been able to find love herself, but her son is Cupid (fat chubby baby with wings!!) anyway I know some of her “matches” were together forever or doomed from the start for different reasons.

An astrologer told me that my sign doesn’t mix well with certain ones, I asked her, “What about Libra’s?” She said “They are like clouds you are trying to pin down. All they want to do is balance things out and walk away.” Boy that first part is the truth, the second part was interesting. Whenever I’m with my Libra, he does offer me that sense of balance, silence, laughter that I desperately need, but he is like a cloud trying to pin down to show him that he deserves to be loved by someone who wants to love him, yet let him still be his own man.

I wonder if Venus is just one screwed up chick, and my constant fighting with her and calling her crazy names isn’t really helping me in my battle for love. Maybe I should be a little bit nicer to her, lol! I just don’t want her chubby, diaper, bow & arrow son following me around and leading me to the wrong man to love, because I’ll go crazy on his cubby butt and clip his wings! Sorry was that too violent? Lol!!

Anyway, study your sign, does it sound like you? Does it fit your personality? Are you what you really are or does it even freaking matter?

Let me know what y’all think.