Funny thoughts

Men in Reverse

Okay, has anyone ever paid attention to how men act when a relationship ends? Ever notice how they go through their heartbreak so differently than women do?

Women lean on their girlfriends, wine, chick flicks, some dang good chocolate, and their battery operated boyfriend, he never tells you no, and is always there for you ready & waiting to satisfy you…moving on!

Men, they break up with a woman, their minds revert back to their 20’s when all they think with is the guy between their legs, because now their pecker is free and ready to mingle! Men think with their little buddy so much, forget emotions, or feelings! As long as little silly is getting free with some rando chick, he gets his release, he’s happy. The emotions stay locked in the closet because the pain of dealing with them, breaking free, and having a valuable relationship with a woman who won’t treat you like the last one did, will never see the light of day.

Why do men do that? Women don’t, we learn from our mistakes and move on. Now, that doesn’t mean we always make better choices the next time, but we certainly try to lift the bar up higher the next time.

I base relationships on sexual connection, if it’s not there, it’s not worth my time. No, I’m not gonna sleep with you on the first night, but maybe eventually if you can prove to me that you want me too. After that I judge him completely on intelligence, communication, and sex. All of it mixes. Lol!

What do you guys think? I know I’m not wrong in this topic. Men of any age, when they are free, single, and ready to poke whatever they want, having a committed relationship isn’t on their radar because their pecker has been on lock down for so long to one woman, that they revert back to being a total non-emotional, get as much booty as possible prick!

Tell me what you think.