Funny thoughts

No Tears

I recently realized that I’ve not cried out my feelings from my most recent heartbreak. I guess I’ve grown accustom to so many relationships failing in my life that it just doesn’t surprise me anymore. How sad is that?

I do have hope that I will find love again, but I am beyond scared that the next one will let me down as so many have. I can’t put that much pressure on a guy, and I won’t put that much on myself either.

Many of you know that I’ve had 2 solid relationships that ended in some messed up ways. My most recent one I can now count as 1/2 of a relationship because I put more emotions into it than I had hoped for. That’s my own fault, honestly. I should have seen the red flags he was flying, but I was excited to have someone’s attention after being without it for 8 years!

Do you think Carrie Bradshaw was right, “Your only allowed so many tears per man, and I used all of them up.” Could that line be oh so correct. I am not sure if I will ever cry from this last one, it’s like it’s there, but won’t come out because no matter how hard I try, I think my tears and feelings are completely over it, numb, wants to shut everything out and down so fast that it just doesn’t matter anymore. Heartbreak and disappointment is something you expect from a guy.

Do men think like that? I’ve often wondered. Then again if he’s out hanging out with his buddies instead of wanting to make it work with you, then it’s obvious where you stand in his life….no where.

Church, work, life are all great distractions that one needs to stay focused and determined to make her life better.

How about you guys? What do you think? Is there a limit of how many times you can cry per relationship? Let me know.