Funny thoughts

When decisions need to be made….No more Games!

Do you ever feel like some people are not going to ever grow up? Like they are not trying to be the person you need or want them to be? What do you think it will take for them to realize that all you ever wanted was certain things with them?

I sometimes think that people love playing mind games because it’s all they know. It’s their version of “love and affection” when in reality it doesn’t help their cause of someone trusting them.

I’m not a person who plays games when it comes to another persons heart, and more. I am more considerate of it, but I do not BS about how I feel, thankfully it’s all on the line in my writing.

I’m in the mindset of, piss or get off the pot! Stop playing with my emotions or feelings, it won’t change my mind. You either want me in your life or you don’t. I need to have that emotional connection, the need to be wanted, and understood that I don’t have everything put together in a nice little package wrapped up in a bow. You either tell me you want me around and include me in your life, and be present in mine or go away.

I don’t do well with mind games, I guess that’s why I don’t play them, yet I fall for it every time like a fool.

How about you? What’s your limit? Do you have one?