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Let me be Clear

I talk about my love life (or lack there of) a lot on here. This is my personal blog, I write to help me, but really to help other people. If you like what I write please let me know, I’d love to hear from people. Follow my page as well, and search for my Facebook page that is tied to this blog.

I say, “Let me be Clear.” because I want you all to know that no matter what I do or say, I will never say anything bad about my recent ex. I am sure at some point someone will ask, but to be honest it’s just something that happens to people when one wants more, and the other isn’t willing to give it in return. I am thankful for him, and our time together, plus I appreciate the fact that he even wanted me to being with. My ex is an amazing man, with a good heart, but again what I wanted out of him, and for us, wasn’t something he was willing or wanting to give. It’s decisions we all make.

I am ready to move on with my life. I am getting closer and closer to finishing my degree at school, and God willing I’ll get myself out of debt in 2020, minus student and auto loans. The plus side of all of this is I will not give up on love, I can’t, it’s not in my nature to let love and hope die.

I truly believe in my horoscope – Pisces, I am a water sign, my mood flows as water does down a river or through the oceans. We can be smooth, crystal clear, or crazy, rough, and murky sometimes. I think it just depends on the seasons. My sign is governed by love and hope. I pray constantly for peace, wisdom, grace, mercy, and love. It’s always prayers to God to bless me with all of that, and to wrap His love around me, but I also pray that God will bless me once again with another amazing man like my ex, but one who wants to give me what I need, and want.

I know love isn’t one sided, it’s going to have it’s good days and bad days, but no matter what love is still worth it. It’s real, you can feel it in your heart and soul, you can touch it with a kiss, or a hug. Love is something to never play with or take for granted, never ever use love as a weapon either. You are discrediting what love really means.

Think about it my friends, and take stock of the love you have in your life, learn from it, grown in it, and be sure to share it with people who need it.