Funny thoughts

A little Grey

Do you think it’s possible for Men to feel like they know they made a mistake when ending a relationship? Relationship Expert Matthew Hussey sent an email out this morning letting women know that men do go through moments when a relationship ends, and realize that they had someone who cared, loved, and enjoyed being with them.

Love is hard enough to find, have, and keep. I just wonder if Men really do feel like they are missing out? Women definitely feel it when something ends with someone they loved, shared intimacy with, and just wanted to see where things went.

It got me thinking about it, Men are so good at hiding their emotions, feelings, and some struggle with the idea of opening themselves up to someone new after their own heartache.

What do you think it will take for a man to realize what he had and try to fix it? Does he fix it? What will it take for someone to fix something that is broken?

Even if he understands the grey area, do you think you could give him another chance? Give him the opportunity to fix what was broken? Would you have trust issues? I don’t think I could give something another chance, it was broken one too many times. I know I’d have trust issues, some serious trust issues.

Let me know.