Funny thoughts

What does it take?

When your single, do you often wonder what it takes for the idea to let yourself know that you are ready to get back out there and start dating? This time really make sure that you are following the standards that you’ve constantly written out for yourself or what you tell your girlfriends what they need to look for? I know I’ve screwed myself over on this way too many times. I swear I have standards, but depending on the guys personality, and what they bring to the table I tend to throw them out the window. WTF is wrong with me?

Despite everything I do have great hope in meeting the right guy. Someone who will be at my levels in Spirituality, Emotional, and Physical connections. Those three things matter so much. We need to have a full understanding that we are not going to like the same things, but it doesn’t mean we can’t learn how to like them from each other.

I know I stick to the basics of what I’m looking for. He needs to have a job, be funny, love sports, understand family is important, be able to hang out with family, friends, and enjoy those quiet moments of being together watching TV. Be strong enough to know how to keep me balanced, and calm. Knowing that good food, and great sex can definitely keep me so happy and chill that everything in life will figure itself out.

I’ve realized that I am in need of an emotional and mental connection as well as spiritual and physical. I need to make sure I keep my walls around me and don’t lose sight of what my value is. I know people look down on me because I live with family, but honestly who cares. I’ll eventually get to the point in my life where I’ll have my own place, my own space, but that shouldn’t be something a man looks down on, especially if he’s really into me like that.

Again, I have great hope that love will one day come back my way. I just know what I am looking for finally, it’s taken me a while to get there.

What do you think? Do you know what your looking for or have you given up?