Funny thoughts

Relationship Playfulness

When you first start dating someone there is so much fun that happens between the two of you, lots of good playing around to just make each other laugh, smile, sneak a kiss, or something. When it all goes away, what now?

I miss those days of when I was in a relationship, the guy would look at me, smile, or laugh just to get my attention. When he would hold my hand, but it wasn’t just that for him, he wanted to make sure people knew we were together by just making me smile.

Now, the goal should be equal between two people. As much as he does anything for you, do the best you can to make him feel like he’s worth something. Making your partner feel like he’s valued means more than anything you could ever buy.

What are the small things you miss when your single when it comes to a relationship? I miss the smiles, laughter, kisses, curling up with him, and being able to say, “This is my boyfriend.”

When it comes to intimacy, I miss so much there too. The idea of wrapping your leg around his, curling up to his chest, feeling his chest move up and down as he’s breathing. The way his arm would go around me, the gentle caress of his fingers on my back, and that smile I’d get just by being there.

The playfulness of a relationship is all different, it’s based on what the two of you want, and how you two can make it all work.

Do you know how playful you are?