Funny thoughts

When things need to hurt for a little.

When ending a relationship you have to go through those moments of relief, guilt, pain, and heartache. The biggest one I go through is regret. It isn’t regretting the relationship or the person, it’s just regretting the fact that you have come to rely on them for things that you know deep down that you shouldn’t have.

We are all humans, we fail each other so many times just as much as we fail ourselves. It’s horrible, but we also beat ourselves up when we make decisions in our lives that are either long overdue, or a necessity. The issues after ending something comes when we need human validation for our everyday lives.

Why do we? Is that really all human nature? Is that part of falling in love with someone? You get addicted to their smile, laugh, voice, the way your hand fits into theirs, how you are able to fall asleep at any moment because they bring you peace in your heart and mind? What happens to all of that love when it doesn’t work out? What happened to that emotional and physical connection that you had with them? Does it go into outer space for someone else to find or have? God if someone ever picks up the amount of love and passion I had for my most recent ex, they would probably be pregnant so many times! Lol!

How do you heal? Do you dive into your life? Do you find distractions? Do you try not to be in your thoughts? It’s difficult to shut those feelings, emotions, and more that you had, hoped for, and more with someone who you knew was totally different than any other man in your past.

I am learning to send my love out into the world. I have great hope that I will one day be blessed with the right man who knows what I need, when I need it, and how to make sure I am not so stressed out and overwhelmed with things. He will come to Church with me, and love God as much as I do, if not more. Until then I’ll keep myself busy with my life. Trust me there is plenty going on.

How do you guys deal with a broken heart, or broken relationship?