Funny thoughts


When you end a relationship do you ever wonder if that person feels the loss of you? Do they think they could have done better than what they were doing? Should they put up a fight?

I’m laying in bed half asleep right now, and honestly why am I worried about it? If a man or woman can’t show you what you mean to them during the relationship, then they sure as heck aren’t going to show you now that you’ve decided to end everything.

The person who thinks about this (me) is the one who had more emotional investment than the other person. I know he’s not worried about me or wondering how he can make things right. He showed how he really felt about you from the start. It wasn’t pretty, but you ignored it because having a man like him give you any attention, and more was totally worth the pain of knowing that deep down you knew you were completely temporary.

Sad how people use others to get what they need or something like that. I used to always tell guy, “Look I just need some good sex, please don’t disappoint.” Sure enough he would, and honestly the sex would be horrible. Oh well lessons learned. Other types of relationships were the ones that were actually going in the right direction, those relationships had some meat to them. You can see it, but you can’t touch it.

How about you? Do you just cut things off with someone you loved, but only to realize that it isn’t worth it at all.

Back to the drawing board…..or worse dating sites! 😱😱😱😱