Funny thoughts

One thing

When it comes to relationships and life, have you figured out that one thing that you are missing? Have you taken the opportunity to realize what it is? Do you know how to look inside yourself to figure that out?

I am so glad that I took the time to figure out who I am, what I wanted, and to figure myself out. I realized that I love to keep my life super simple. I work hard for everything I have, my life is up and down, good days, bad days, and really just enjoy being myself and being with someone.

I always thought that if I ever meet someone new he would give me the simple things I could ask for. His time! It’s the main thing that one can ask for. What is the one thing you can ask for?

Do you know your one thing? If you want someone with money, then that’s the one thing. If you want to upgrade your life, then you want someone who can provide you a materialistic life.

The things I’ve learned and observed that money and a materialistic life isn’t really worth is, you miss out on a human connection.

Money can only provide so much, sex can only do so much, it’s great, but it’s temporary. Time, care, consideration carries more weight than anything else someone can ever give.

What is your one thing?