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When all you want is love

When you see other people no matter who they are, everyone around you seems to have zero difficulties finding someone to fall in love with. I honestly try not to get jealous of those who I see in relationships, getting engaged, or even getting married. I look at all the straight, gay, transgender people who have been able to find their person, and make a life with them. Yet, I can’t manage. I tell myself, “Don’t get bitter, or jealous, you’re not meant to have what they have…….happiness.”

Sucks when your brain and heart already knows that. It’s like the more people tell you, “Oh you’ll eventually meet someone, but you have to let go of this situation.” I try not to get discouraged because meeting the last guy was 8 years of being alone, realizing who I was as a grown woman, and knowing I didn’t have all the answers to everything I needed to know. Yet, I remained true to who I still am to this day.

It isn’t easy for someone like me to meet someone new, there isn’t anything wrong with me, but I have a tendency to scare men away with my bluntness of life. I’m not looking for someone to come in on a white horse and save me, but I am looking for someone who wants to be with me.

Those who are in a relationship sometimes forgets what it’s like to be alone, but some remember all too well. It’s just sometimes today, we get lazy when it comes to relationships because everything is online, you see someone, swipe right or left, send them a message, or try to slide into their DM’s. There is no actual human connection or communication.

Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to adjust to it just being me and my cat Oscar…..Lord help me I don’t want to turn into my uncle. He’s a total cat “lady”.

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